Abolish the Police and the World that Created Them

By Duncan Riley


Ever since the uprising sparked by the murder of George Floyd on the 25th of May by the Minneapolis Police began, two great social forces have been locked in fierce contention over the fate of that city. On the one side are the rebellious masses of black and brown people, youth, and workers, who, after centuries of police brutality, colonialism, and economic inequality, have hurled their rage against the full force of the State. And, on the other side of the barricades, those directing that murderous force, are the ever-so-liberal leaders of that ever-so-liberal city, shocked to discover how deeply despised they truly are. For two weeks now these two sides have battled it out, the former advancing, gradually formulating its vision of a just society, the latter retreating, falling back on ever more brutal modes of repression. But, in the past few days, and…

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About Amergin Ó Kai

Arrak ramirea K'Ar sings like Coyote, dances like a choir of Aspen, and is Loved By the Wind. As an infant I was kidnapped by a wandering band of renegade Texans who then raised me in their barbaric ways. Nevertheless, some of my best friends are human. Have Drum, Will Journey.
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